To visit Egypt was the trip of a life time for me. I waited 40 years to do it, and it far surpassed what I hoped it would be.

The ancient monuments such as the pyramids, the Sphinx and the various temples I visited, including the Temple of Luxor, Temple of Karnak, Temple of Horus, Temple of Philae (Isis) amongst others.

My visit to the Cairo museum was unforgettable. Entering the room where the mummies of great ancient Pharaohs were on display is very humbling. Viewing the artifacts from King Tutankhamun was indescribable. You could spend a week walking around the museum there is so much there to see.

The Valley of the Kings was an experience not to be missed. And I absolutely recommend paying the extra and going in to see King Tutankhamun’s tomb which also has his mummy on display.

Cruising down the Nile from Cairo to the city of Aswan was wonderful.

A trip to Egypt is a must do at least once in your life time!